The inaugural #TheMotoSocialEdmonton was a huge success! It was so refreshing to see the moto community of YEG get together after a long winter and bring the good vibes.  


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We have been to many motorcycle based events around the city before and neither of us have really seen that kind of diversity!  It was incredible to see all sorts of bikes; vintage, shovel heads, choppers, dynas, sporties, triumphs, cafes, bobbers, motocross, sidecars etc.., all mingling at one establishment.  It was inspiring to say the least.  

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We are very excited for all future #TheMotoSocialEdmonton events here, as well as any of the events in other cities that line up with our cross country tour! Special thanks to Sam & Viktor Radics for bringing such a great vibe to the moto scene here, Justin Benson and Bretton Hammond for taking on such a wicked event to host for our community to enjoy every month, and to everyone for making us feel so optimistic about how our project can help influence the moto community in a positive way.  

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Bring the good vibes. 

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That face you make when you sit on a Harley for the first time! Women of Moto’s @one_inked_girl encouraging @1kristine1 to try her sportie on for size at last night’s #TheMotoSocialEdmonton.  

This is what we are all about! Lifting people up rather than intimidating. TheMotoSocial said it best in a recent post "Let's keep being the crowd that's open to one another, the crowd that's not judging one another or being too cool to chat with someone new. Let's be the crowd that's more about the people, the crowd that is aware, friendly & open to the new people around us. Let's continue to build this community together & let's continue getting to know one another."  Followed by the best hashtag ever #DontBeADudBeABud

We couldn't agree more.

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